Faculty Members & Research Interests

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Dr. Sajal Kumar Das

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Control Theory and Application Nanopositioning Control Microgrid, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy Sources Integration, Future Power System Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Md. Firoj Ali

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Smart Antenna Signal Processing Embedded System

Zinat Tasneem

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Aerodynamics Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Technology Soft Robotics Robotic Harvesting

Md Manirul Islam

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Biomedical Engineering, Machine Learning, TinyML, Neural Networks.

Md. Robiul Islam

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Mechatronic Systems Design , Robotics, Control System and Renewable Energy

Dip Kumar Saha

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Robust Fault Diagnosis of Rotary Machines, Remaining Useful Life Prediction, Soft Robotics, and Machine Learning

Sumaya Ishrat Moyeen

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence Data mining and big data Web development Machine learning Image processing
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Power System Control Theory and Application Micro-grid and Smart-grid Mechatronic System Robotics Cyber Security

Md. Hafiz Ahamed

Research Interests: Machine Vision Artificial Intelligence Robotics Machine Learning Mechatronics System
Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Solid state Devices, Antenna, power system protection
Research Interests: Control Theory and Application, Power System Control Fault Diagnosis, Mechatronics and Cyber-physical System

Prangon Das

Research Interests: Robotics and Automation Machine Vision & AI Mechatronic and Embedded Systems Renewable Energy based Control Systems

Md. Mehedi Hasan

Research Interests: Deep Learning Machine Learning Machine Vision