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The Department of Mechatronics Engineering, RUET maintains modern laboratories for sessional classes and projects in the various undergraduate courses. Students are provided with different instruments and machines to enhance their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Labs are categorized according to the subject materials and each one is supervised by a corresponding teacher.

Mainly there are three laboratories in the Mechatronics Engineering department equipped with modem instruments. Details of this Laboratories are described below:

1.     Artificial Intelligence & Control System Lab (AICSL)

Lab-in-Charge: Md. Robiul Islam (Assistant Professor), and Md. Hafiz Ahamed (Lecturer)

Location: 4th Floor, Academic Building-3, Room No. 507.


Artificial Intelligence and Control System Lab is one of the most significant laboratories of this department, established in 2017, funded by Bangladesh High Tech Park Authority, ICT Division, Bangladesh.

This laboratory is equipped with one hydraulic trainer kit, one pneumatic trainer kit, one Industrial control work-cell, one humanoid robotics kit, and many other control testing apparatuses. The laboratory is continuously working to improve testing facilities. Some more trainer kits are coming to increase lab efficiency so that more students can perform testing at a time.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control trainer kit will provide students an industrial flavor. Students will be able to enhance their practical knowledge through various experiments performed in this lab.

This lab also provides facilities to perform artificial intelligence sessional and embedded system sessional.

Besides testing, this lab is also used to conduct a seminar of final year students as it is equipped with complete multimedia support.

Courses conducted in this Lab are -

  1. MTE 3206: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Sessional
  2. MTE 4110: Seminar
  3. MTE 4204: Embedded System Sessional
  4. MTE 4210: Seminar
  5. CSE 4288: Artificial Intelligence Sessional  

2.     Robotics & Automation Lab

Lab-in-charge: Dip Kumar Saha (Assistant Professor), and Md. Faisal Rahman Badal (Lecturer)

Location: 4th Floor, Academic Building-3, Room No. 506.


Robotics and Automation Lab is established in 2016, funded by RUET. Robotics is a telling window in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. This lab is equipped with a highly sophisticated 6DOF Fanuc robot. The lab basically focused on interdisciplinary research applied to the state-of-the-art autonomous intelligent robotics and human-robot interaction.

The development of industries is rapidly increased due to the importance of automation. The growing rate of automation in the industries increase productivity, quality, and reliability. This lab provides the basic knowledge about the industrial automation. This lab is arranged with the Programmable logic controller or PLC environment. PLC is the heart of automation. The basic elements, their uses, and the implementation process are focused on this lab.

This lab is also equipped with a DSPACE based automation system. The desired performance of a system may be hampered by different uncertainties that make the system unstable. To obtain better performance, the error between actual and output signal needs to be reduced. This lab provides information about designing and implementing different control algorithms to ensure better performance of a system.

Digital signal processing is an important tool to control the automated devices. Machine Vision is essential for automatic control of a device by collecting information via acquisition elements. This lab is essential to manage different signal and their different operation.

Courses conducted in this lab are -

1.  MTE 3104: Microcontroller and Interfacing Sessional

2.  MTE 4102: Automation Sessional

3.    MTE 4104: Digital Signal Processing and Machine Vision Sessional

      4.  MTE 4206: Robotics Sessional


3.     Computer & Simulation Lab

Lab-in-charge: Md. Firoj Ali (Assistant Professor), Zinat Tasneem (Assistant Professor), and Sumaya Ishrat Moyeen (Lecturer)

Location: 3rd Floor, Academic Building-3, Room No. 406.


This lab is established in 2016, funded by RUET which provides the basic information about the components required to design a mechatronic system. Based on theoretical courses students perform various projects and testing with modern instruments. Here is the scope to have a hands-on experience about instrumentation and calibration of various sensors and data acquisition systems.

Besides this, the lab is furnished with high-performance workstations and complete multimedia support to perform programming sessional. Programming is a major part to develop a scheme that provides intelligence to a system. This lab provides the concept of C programming and its uses. This lab also supports various simulation task like MATLAB, LabView, Python, Proteus for both academic and research purposes.

Computer-aided design is an essential part of modern engineering in any field. This lab provides these facilities to learn various CAD software with high-performance workstations and complete multimedia support.

Courses conducted in this lab are -

  1. MTE 1102: Mechatronic Systems Sessional
  2. CSE 1288: Computer Fundamentals and Programming Sessional
  3. ME 2130: CAD Practice
  4. CSE 2188: Software Engineering Sessional